Theta Healing Reviews. How to benefit?

The Theta Healing Technique is an amazing opportunity to Accelerate Healings and Shift Your Life. I’m very grateful for the Theta Healing Reviews below so you can see examples of what can be done.

Yasemin can work with you in Dutch/Nederlands, ánd English.

The Theta Healing Reviews are to inspire you and see the beauty of what the Theta Healing Technique can do for you.

How can you experience the Theta Healing Technique?

In a theta healing meeting we talk with each other, and we feel the energy doing the work.

I’m going to be in a meditative state, therefore you’ll feel at ease and clear. You’re nót lying down, sometimes we close our eyes to focus.

We’ll do the healings session online, with a video Zoom meeting. You can remain longer in this beautiful state of mind.

Below you’ll find Theta Healing Reviews to inspire you.

Inspirational Theta Healing Reviews

Theta Healing Reviews

I’m finally free from a lifelong burden

“Since my birth i have been struggling with deep fears and trauma’s. For years I have tried many different healings from others, but it was only with the ThetaHealing treatments by Yasemin that I could really free myself from this lifelong burden. I was very pleased with her expertise, experience and great skills as a coach and healer. Her great involvement as a person and her open, warm and listening attitude made completely trusting and open to her. I could surrender to her, and this doesn’t happen to me easily.”

Ria B,
professional healer

Theta Healing Reviews

Things occurred in my life after 3 days

“Yasemin is a VERY dedicated healer with fast and tangible results. Some of the results I felt right away, other things happened in my life after 3 days. I sense that she is working from a level of deep life and healing experience. She has a clear and strong intuition, great understanding, compassion and a good ear. She makes me feel safe, accepted and unique as a human being. I really recommend working with her!”

Carine V.
Physiotherapist, healer

Theta Healing Reviews

My own clarity grew enormously

“I fully understand why professional healers come your way! As a therapist, reader, healer myself I am very happy that I came across Yasemin. She has an enormous clarity and her healings feel pure and powerful. In 2 sessions
* I started to feel very confident in my healing work.
* My own clarity skills grew enormously.
* It is easier for me to let go of things * and a background noise has completely disappeared!!”

Rosalie D,
psychotherapist, reader, healer

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Theta Healing Reviews

Beautiful shifts in my life

“The guidance by Yasemin has made things so much more open and clear. Pieces of my past has been resolved. You heal from things that you did not know was there. I have insights for my business and there are beautiful shifts in my personal life. The meetings felt good, familiar and safe. A wonderful cooperation. A kind woman with attention, patience. The sessions are super great experiences, with lots of love, attention and healings. I have had more help with Yasemin than any psychotherapist before. I am so grateful for that!!”

spiritual entrepreneur

Theta Healing Reviews

The ear ringing is healed

“I found the treatment very special, my first healing ever. You posses a special gift and can transfer / apply that to others. I want to thank you for your help and the trust that you have build in such a short time. Topics that I had never discussed before… You are very involved and decisive, that made me think a lot. And the speed made sure that something really happened. Not only rest in my head, the ear ringing (tinnitus) has been healed, but also in the rest of my body and my being.
I have really resolved a few things. Very special!”


Theta Healing Reviews

For the first time I felt fast shifts

“As a coach and healer myself I have experienced many different sessions on my life, but never before as with you. In an hour we worked on so much that I have now for the first time experience how fast SHIFTS can occur. Shifts on the collective level, personally, genetically, in the family structures, energetically and physically in this body. I felt all my cells respond, aligns and it immediately flowed again. I had never before so much clarity and knowledge what it was all about in just one hour. I found this way of working amazing. Thank you Yasemin!”

Martina M,
coach, ThetaHealer

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Theta Healing Reviews

We did it! I’m so proud

“When I started working on my energy with Yasemin, I had a lot of physical symptoms. Just a few examples: dizziness, poor vision, tremors in the hands, twitching all over the body and much more ailments. I really thought it would never end. Yasemin always motivated me and showed me that we cán do it. And we did it!! I am very grateful to her. The energy she transmits is just amazing. Positive and always thinking of the good. She made me a different and positive person myself. I am proud of her, she never left me alone and I’m also very proud of myself, that I believed in it and her. Even now, with the ailments gone, I still  work with her. It is just very good for my soul! Thank you Yasemin!!!”

Aylin M.

Theta Healing Reviews

I immediately felt a lot of space

“I suffered from enorm heavy legs, which resulted in not being able to run for over a year. While this is my passion. I requested a session with Yasemin. During the meeting, a memory of a car accident surfaced. This happened more than 20 years ago and I never really thought about it. Yasemin instructed my body to dissolve the trauma from my body cells. Immediately after that I experienced a lot of space in my whole body and also in my head. The feeling of heavy legs was just gone. This was quite remarkable. Soon after the meeting I was able to keep running again, and even weeks after the meeting I still felt simply very happy. Really super cool!!”

Tanja P.

Theta Healing Reviews

Return to your own beautiful space

“You will go on a journey and feel amazed. Time suddenly reverses in your own life. You found your own path to your heart. You return to your core and find the truth about your deepest self. It is unbelievable how powerful and unprecedented Yasemin leads you to this place, in your own beautiful space. Be patient and listen carefully to the inside and outside and you arrive exactly there, where you can do nothing else than embrace this world. The same world where before you felt so strangled in. Thank you Yasemin!!! Love!”


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Theta Healing Reviews

I was growing every time

“I gained a lot of insights that I couldn’t think of before. At the same time I was growing every time again. Also energetically I felt better and better. As a healer it is important to keep looking to yourself and keep your balance. With Yasemin it was very pleasant to do that. She really cares about you and is involved in your growth/ development. I really want to thank you. If I see how much came to the surface, and has been cleaned up…”

Mike K.,
spiritual entrepreneur

Theta Healing Reviews

It feels liberating

“The healings are very essential and pure. I love it. Yasemin resolves something on a deeper layer and puts your self in return. I had a lot of blockages, and was going around in circles. Also I had a lot of triggers and unwanted emotions. Now, at a very deep level, old beliefs and burdens are gone and this feels so liberating. The cooperation with Yasemin is very nice. I feel peaceful every time. She takes you step by step and I can express what I feel. A very nice interaction!”

Marieke J.

About your ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor

Yasemin Bagdadi
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10 years ago I learned the Theta Healing Technique and became a certified Theta Healing® Practitioner. Initially I had no idea that it would transform my life and that I was able to achieve my (secret) desire to live abroad.

I simply shifted into this new reality in a very short period of time. I lived in Greece for 4 years and in Turkey for 2 years. My life became very free & adventurous, exactly what I desired.

Since then I’m helping others by using the Theta Healing Technique.

I’m very happy to help you to heal, manifest and shift your life.

Love to help you make beautiful shifts in your life!

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